Kikoinne is your online personal stylist that helps you discover your style and gives instant fashion advice whenever you need it.

After filling out your Style Questionnaire, our personal stylists will carefully identify your style, sizing and budget preferences to suggest 3 shoppable outfit suggestions, which you will be able to access via e-mail and through our website.

You will then be able to view the items online and decide whether you want to purchase some of the clothes, shoes or accessories. If so, selected items can be ordered from distinctive online retailers and will arrive in one batch as each of the outfits is created from single online retailer.

1. Register on KIKOINNE and fill in the Style Questionnaire, which allows us to identify your fashion preferences, such as: brands you like, styles that suit you and sizes that work for you.

2. Relevant stylist will be selected to answer your query and you will be charged a styling fee of £14.99.

3. Three shoppable outfit suggestions, carefully handpicked by our stylists will be sent to your e-mail as well as to your KIKOINNE profile within 24 hours. You will then be able to view all the items from different retail partners and purchase them online.

4. Order the items you like online and receive them depending on the retailers’ delivery terms and conditions.

5. Give us the feedback as we always strive for the very best.

We believe that the way you feel is influenced by the way you look. Hence, KIKOINNE aims to offer you personal styling that prevents you from buying unnecessary things and saves time. Our team of experienced stylists are all about making style updates you’ll love and selecting outfits that you’ll constantly wear.

Kikoinne differentiates itself from other personal styling services as the whole experience occurs online. Unlike many other personal styling services that send you clothing to your doorstep, we try to deliver everything online: you can view the items on the retailers’ websites, take your time and decide what to purchase.

Moreover, each of our outfits is generated from the same retailer, so your items from each outfit will arrive at the same time.

Think of KIKOINNE as shopping online, but with a personal stylist.

Our personal stylists have an extensive knowledge of different tastes, body shapes and brands.

Hence, they are your best guide to make style updates and get you ready for a celebrations without any hassle: they will pick the most relevant items for you from hundreds of online retailers and 3 shoppable outfit suggestions will be sent to you via our website and e-mail.

Our service gives you time and space to choose what you like and get those items delivered directly from retailers.

Our styling fee is £14.99 and average price point per item is roughly £50, however, it can vary according your preferences outlined in the Style Questionnaire.

When our stylists are crafting looks for you, they will mix a number of items (jewelry, bags, shirts, dresses, outerwear, pants, skirts, shorts and sweaters) to best represent your needs outlined in the Style Questionnaire.

Our mission is to style everyone wishing to update their style and discover outfits that truly work in an efficient, instant and sustainable manner. Therefore, we are working with all the sizes available that are carried by our brands. We also style and advise all clients regardless their age and strive to find the best fit.

We aim to offer a wide range of brands to be able to provide our clients with distinctive outfits and price points. We carry everything from accessible high street retailers to premium brands or more high – end fashion houses.


After you place a styling enquiry and relevant stylist is assigned to you, a styling fee of £14.99 will be credited from your card.

The styling fee is not dependent on the amount of items purchased. We give you time and space to decide whether you like our suggestions. If so, purchases can be made directly on the retailers’ websites.

Yes, you can cancel your order before the service has been provided (before you have received an e-mail with 3 outfit suggestions) by e-mailing our support at, or by messaging our support staff on your profile's dashboard once registered.