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It’s time to introduce you to another inspiring personality who chose to embark on our personal styling journey. It’s Roza, a writer and an owner of the beautifully curated Instagram account that focuses on outfits and style tips! Roza is a frequent traveler, always on the go and the reason why she headed to was that she wanted to get stylists' take on her style and suggest something new… That wind of change is fabulous, right? 🙌


Sweater is second handed 🍀 Pants are new though, but I will love and cherish them ☺️

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Roza’s style, as pictured above, is girly and classy at the same time


Once Roza tried out our personalized online styling, we teamed up with her for a giveaway contest and sat down with her for a few short questions 💁‍♀️


Tell us a bit of how it felt to be styled via KIKOINNE…


My first experience of getting styled with KIKOINNE was awesome! It was super easy to fill out the form -  your Styling Questionnaire. Afterward, I got a lovely message from your personal stylists and suggested styles very quickly. My heart skipped a beat when I saw your suggestions - my thoughts and wishes had really been taken into consideration. I loved all three outfits that were proposed to me and will make sure I get to wear them all… Feeling that getting styled online saved so much of my time and I don’t need to look for things that suit me anymore. KIKOINNE has given me so much inspiration!



Fashion and personal style – how significant are they to you?


Fashion and styling are super important to me! I love clothes and putting together different outfits as it lets me express myself and my personality through my clothes. At times, though, I feel that I lack inspiration and that’s why I tried your service.



“It was a pleasure styling Roza, who already possesses a great personal style & love for fashion”- say our personal stylists.


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