Styling A Real Estate Manager


As February kicks in, we continue talking about KIKOINNE’s ambassadors and sharing their stories. As you may know from our previous blog posts, they are someone who has used the magic of personal styling with They loved and bought the looks our personal stylists have put together and, most importantly, agreed to share the highlights of being styled with us.


Last month KIKOINNE’s styling team had a challenge and a great pleasure of getting styled a real estate manager Justine. It was about balancing between comfort and elegance as with a client-facing position that requires traveling between properties, outfits need to be truly versatile. Here’s how Justine’s message looked like when she decided to direct her style questions to us (and, yes, we keep the messages the same way we received them):






Coming back from the maternity leave doesn’t seem to feel quite right. I loved pretty & feminine outfits, but after a year spent at home, I feel like I totally my sense of style. I literally have no ideas on what to wear to work. My job is about spending some time in the office as well as having meetings with clients in various locations. I know I need to look well to succeed in my job, which is real estate management. I’d like to look quite smart, but also fashionable. Pls help & advise!”


After KIKOINNE’s styling team provided Justine with shoppable outfit suggestions on how to update her office looks, we got in touch to see if she liked the looks and if there was anything else we could help her with. We were fortunate enough to find out that Justine bought 2 of the looks we proposed and even found some pieces in her closet that complemented the looks we crafter for her. Therefore, we sat down with the 32-year-old real estate manager to get a grasp of how it felt to have been styled by KIKOINNE.



Let us ask what made you head to to direct your fashion dilemmas to our personal stylists?


Well… First of all, I don’t consider myself as someone who doesn’t like or doesn’t understand fashion. I like to dress up and follow trends, but it feels like that after maternity leave, I’ve lost my confidence and love for fashion. Being a real estate manager makes me entitled to look after myself as I represent my agency as well as I get to meet clients every day. So, when I saw an ad on Facebook about KIKOINNE, I thought that I could give it a shot, you know? I felt like it was really for me - I am busy as I’ve got to take care of my child and go to work at the same, so I don’t have much time for shopping.




Please tell us how did your first experience of getting styled with KIKOINE feel like? Was there anything that surprised you?


To be honest, the way I saw office style was quote stereotypical. I was immediately assuming that pairing a white shirt with a pair of smart black pants would be the best - also the smartest - way to create office outfits. So, I would have never thought of wearing the looks KIKOINNE’s stylists have proposed me. But that’s great, you know because all my friends are now asking me for style advice as if I was a fashion icon (laughs).






And our final question to you: what do fashion and personal styling mean to you in general?



Good personal style to me is like a cup of coffee in the morning. If I put enough effort into it and feel confident, my day becomes much more effortless. I also feel very thankful to KIKOINNE’s stylists - they were very thoughtful and precise while putting outfit suggestions for me. The best part is that I gained my confidence back and I feel truly empowered.


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