Styling A Makeup Artist

Today we’re introducing you to another happy client of ours - Agne, a 35-year-old makeup artist. We have decided to follow-up with Agne as she has used our styling services multiple times, therefore, we sit down with Agne to find out what draws her to try online personal styling. The woman who let us into her wardrobe is a charismatic young lady, a mom to an 8-year-old daughter and a talented makeup artist.




As usual, let us start off by asking why did you decide to head to to direct your fashion dilemmas to stylists?


It seems that I’m always surrounded by fashion: I get to be around young, stylish people and as a makeup artist I get to attend various fashion or makeup events. At my work, having a personal style is also a must. But at the same time, I feel that I don’t have much free time. As many makeup artists, I work long hours and sometimes it involves weekends. Plus, I have a family and other things to take care of. Time is precious and I like to keep it for something else than shopping. So, KIKOINNE is really a lifesaver as I no longer have to sacrifice my family time to create the desired personal style.



What did you like about getting styled with us? And what made you use our stylists’ advice a few times already?


Well… I guess it was my first time using personal styling online, but it did exceed my expectations. At first, I was rather unsure whether the stylists would understand my style expectations. Even though I had to fill in the questionnaire to provide my budget preferences and other things, like the styles I like, I was still rather skeptical. But when I received the outfit suggestions via e-mail, I felt relieved. It was exactly what I wanted, actually, I was pleasantly surprised. Knowing I can get outfit suggestions within 24 hours (I remember that the second time I used your service I received everything in roughly two hours), makes me want to come back. Plus, getting style suggestions from professional stylists at an incredibly affordable price is also a great bargain (laughs)!


You are a makeup artist and you are a part of the beauty & fashion industry. So, what does personal style mean to you?


Perhaps it’s fair to say that my skills in the industry and my personal style (the way I look, to be precise) are equally important in getting new clients and projects. Sometimes I honestly feel like going to work in a tracksuit, but I have to look stylish and up-to-date with things happening in the fashion industry. As we quite often say in the industry - it’s about the way you look, then the rest is determined by what kind of person you are or how hardworking you are.





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