Styling A Buyer

In this short & crisp blog post, we take the time to introduce you to Beatrice, a 27-year-old buyer, whose message popped into our stylists’ dashboard a few weeks ago. Her style dilemma was about finding looks that look appropriate both while she’s at work and going out in the evening. How exactly did the challenge for the KIKOINNE’s look like? See it yourself:


‘’Hi, guys. I work as a buyer and most days when I’m not traveling, I’m at the office from 9 to 5. When I finish work, I prefer to grab a drink with friends or attend some events straight away. What do I wear to be ‘’fashion-approved’’ both ar work and in the evening?’’


This short note was accompanied by Beatrice’s photo where our stylists assumed that her style was minimal and that she’d probably go for the more elegant looks with a twist.



Beatrice, 27, Before getting styled with


As Beatrice went for the complete outfit suggestions, she received 3 shoppable outfit suggestions from KIKOINNE’s stylists. Here’s how her first outfit looked like after she ordered the items from online retailers:


“I was advised to wear this outfit at work, paired with flat ballerina shoes. When it comes to going out, KIKOINNE’s stylists told me to jump into high heels. I think it definitely works!” - Beatrice.



“This other look put together by personal stylists, I find ultimately cool! Some of the accessories I already own - I just needed to find them after reading what stylists have written to me. I love how they add personalized messages, how to wear each of the outfits.”



“I was truly amazed that it took me only 10 minutes to submit my styling request. The process was very quick and stylists got back to me within a few hours. It really felt like as if the stylists knew me for ages - I love everything that’s classy, but I also like to stand out from the crowd with some bold details. All of the 3 outfits that stylists put together contained wardrobe staples that were easy to mix & match. Finally, I have an ideal capsule wardrobe.”


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