Getting Styled with KIKOINNE: GYTE

In the series of blog posts “Getting Styled With KIKOINNE”, we aim to make you more familiar with our clients: why and how they guided their style queries to As promised before, you will see a number of different profiles with a wide range of requests: from getting a seasonal wardrobe update to choosing a dream wedding dress.


Today, we are sharing one more success story of our client Gyte, a 30-year-old fitness instructor and healthy life coach. Our personal stylists’ dashboards were hit by such Gyte’s message:


I am a fitness instructor and healthy life coach. Usually, I get to wear sporty and comfy things, but I am a 30-year-old woman, so I’d love to refresh my style with more trendy and playful outfits. I am obsessed with bright colors and fun details, but when it comes to styling on my own, it always becomes a fashion disaster. I would like you guys to help me shop for my autumn/winter wardrobe and create me looks from items that I could mix together easily.


One of the photos our happy client provided while making styling enquiry with KIKOINNE


Few weeks after we had picked Gyte her outfit suggestions, alongside with ideas where and how to style her new items, she sent us a pleasant feedback and that’s how we asked if we can share her experience on our blog. With a definite “yes”, we received a generous collection of pictures with Gyte’s new looks that she found perfectly tailored to her needs. As our new ambassadors spread some love, we’re so excited to share with you their looks (not to mention those surprise gift vouchers for a few fitness sessions that dropped into our mailbox from Gyte)!




“Totally loved the colorful outfits you have put together - you did truly listen when I mentioned that I love fun details and bright colors”





“The best part about KIKOINNE is that you guys truly work on mix & match - it’s not that I am suggested to buy tons of items to stack my wardrobe with. It’s about teaching me how to create thoughtful outfits from a few suggested items.”



If the outfits or the bright smile don’t seem convincing enough, read what Gyte has to say about her updated personal style:


All my life my most beloved fashion items were hoodies & sneakers, but when I turned 30, something changed. I found myself wanting to look more feminine and attractive. On the other hand, I am a really fun and outgoing person, so elegant and classy looks don’t suit my personality. I was struggling with this fashion identity problem and suddenly I discovered KIKOINNE. So, I am really happy that finally there is this service, able to solve my style dilemmas without taking too much time or money. So I can focus on my priorities (which is really personal life and my fitness coaching career), instead of browsing and shopping for hours. Actually, even my friends noticed that I finally look like more of a woman and not a teenage boy anymore! The truth is that I really feel confident while working in my fitness club, but everything changes when I go outside its walls. I suddenly become shy. Thanks to KIKOINNE, that is beginning to change.


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