Getting Styled With KIKOINNE: GRETA

In these upcoming blog posts “Getting Styled With KIKOINNE”, we will introduce you with a number of our clients, who have gone through the process of personal styling with us. We are keen to present you different profiles we have worked with: from home-stay mothers to excessively busy CEOs, all on a mission to discover which fashion choices would enhance the best of them.


One of our very first clients was Greta, a 30-year-old odontologist who approached our personal styling team with a message:



Not entirely sure how this all works, but I hope you can help. I’m 30 and I work as odontologist. My friends joke that my daily #ootd is my white scrub, which is basically my uniform. When I get to go out after work or when the weekend comes, I notice that I truly have nothing to wear. The stuff hanging in my closet doesn’t really make up great outfits. Propose me pls some new outfits I can wear when I’m not at work!


One of the photos Greta attached when making a styling request



Today, we sit down with Greta to talk about her style aspirations and experience of getting styled with KIKOINNE as she shares her outfits and fashion takeaways.


Why did you decide to head to to direct your fashion dilemmas?


Well… To be very honest, being an odontologist from fashion or style perspective means wearing the same uniform (yes, that white scrub) pretty much all the time. The fact that I don’t need to put together outfits for work, makes me really outdated in a fashion sense. I like to look stylish, but I spend long hours at work, so I prefer to go out and see my friends rather than waste my time shopping or browsing through e-shops. Even when I decide to go shopping, I always end up with clothes that I don't know how to put together. When I found out about KIKOINNE through Facebook, it looked like a survival kit for me. Although, I was a bit anxious about how the styling process would go since everything was online, but I was happily surprised at the end.


Tell us about your first experience of getting styled with KIKOINNE?

I have to say that the stylist who worked with me made a great job analysing my profile and picking outfit suggestions for me. I felt that stylist truly looked at the pictures I attached and carefully considered my body shape. When I received suggested looks on my e-mail, I was impressed that I liked most of the stuff and I even bought 2 of the looks that the stylist sent me. What I liked about KIKOINNE, is the fact that everything can be mixed even between the different looks, so I felt that stylists are very thoughtful and try to build a wardrobe where I would have all the necessary fashion staples… Finally, I think I know what smart shopping means (laughs)!




Greta’s Semi-Casual Outfits When She’s Out And About In The City



What does fashion and personal styling mean to you in general?


I understand that personal styling is really important while representing yourself to the world. However, for me, fashion is more about a necessity and has nothing to do with pleasure. It’s maybe funny, but I could compare it with homework at school: everyone wants to get the highest grades, but nobody wants to learn. So, yes, in a way by finding KIKOINNE, I found my way to cheat on fashion. Now I can look great, without investing so much time and money.




Happy client Greta shows two of the outfits KIKOINNE stylists have put together for her


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