Being able to identify your body shape is the first step to creating your best wardrobe. Style is not always about following the latest fashion trends or buying new clothes every month; it’s about knowing how to  highlight the best features of one’s body. Having in mind your body shape can help one to elevate the look of any wardrobe. To discover the best looks for this summer we have put together some outfits that we hope will inspire you to take a new approach on shopping and style.  




Inverted triangle body shape requires to keep anything, that creates volume to one’s lower half and the top has to be uncluttered and minimalist. Since linen is on top in S/S21, for a simple summer day outfit we suggest linen blue chinos and a simple sleeveless top. 



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Women with triangle body type typically have a thinner upper body and larger hips and thighs. So it is important to highlight the upper half. To appear more balanced and proportionate, we recommend wearing everything with patterns, colours and volume on one’s top half.




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Hourglass is the most flexible body shape when styling different patterns and shapes of clothing. One just needs to follow the silhouette and wear clothes that highlights the waist, bust and helps to keep the hourglass look. In this case shoulder pad top and highwaisted shorts is the best choice for a hot summer day. 




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While having a rectangle body shape, the silhouette has to be uncluttered and the waist should be shaped. The belted jumpsuit is the perfect pick for this trick and is a perfect option for a lovely dinner by the sea.




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Women with apple body types tend to carry their weight in their midsection so it is important to have in mind to keep details in top and lower thirds. A dress is a perfect choice to follow this rule. There is a huge variety of dresses, but this time we suggest the belted one. A major asset of apple body types is their legs, so feel free to flaunt them in shorter dresses!



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If you decide that you need a new summer wardrobe, or you have a special occasion and not knowing what to wear is giving you a headache even if you just need quick style advice, we are here to help you! And we promise to deliver personalised, careful suggestions to fulfil your every need!



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