Talking Hair Styling, With Christopher Southern

This time we decided to look beyond fashion styling - that’s why we sat down with Christopher Southern, industry’s leading hair stylist and educator to talk all things about styling your hair so that it’s all fabulous and trendy...



You are now an established hair artist, with numerous of collaborations and partnerships with leading beauty brands. Could you recall your first steps in the industry and what made you pursue the art of hair styling?




I remember starting my career as a hair stylist like it was yesterday. I started later than most people: it was after completing a degree in architecture, I decided on a career change. I always wanted to be a hairdresser as my mom is a barber and I found her work so inspiring. That’s why I started training with headmasters as an older apprentice at the age of 22 and managed to land a place on the ‘ghd’ style squad. I think that teaming up with the headmasters’ artistic teams catapulted me into the world of session styling where I started working on fashion weeks to build on my skills before going out on my own.




As fashion stylists have quick tips for easy to pull off outfits, what would be your tips for quick, do-it-yourself hairstyle?


Since hair accessories are bang on trend, grab yourself a few 90’s hair slides or pearl-encrusted snap clips, rock your natural waves with some texture spray and pop in your slides on the side of the head, tucking one side behind the ear.


My favorite way to create some super quick volume is to tip your head upside down and massage a thickening powder or dry shampoo into your roots on your crown and parting, and then… the next step is super important! Come back up slowly! Everyone goes for a big hair flip, but that’s just going to knock all that volume out, so doing it slowly does the magic. Then, flip it parting to the opposite side as most people’s hair gets used to the parting and becomes flat - that’s why I’m constantly moving my clients' partings to get that effortless sweep in the front.




For me a super chic pony is always a great go, too: add a few waves with a ‘ghd’ creative waving wand around the face and pull your hair back, keeping a few soft tendrils out around the front and don’t tie it yet! Just hold in position and with your other hand, using your finger and thumb, pull some texture and height back in - on the top of your head - keeping the sides and back, tighter. Now, tie using a bungee hair tie - this way, you will get a more secure pony without moving the piece you have carefully positioned on top, and, finally, wrap that pony base! No one needs to see your elastic, so take a small piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap around the base and pin to secure.  





For women who color their hair, what are some of the trends to look for?


This season we are seeing a major shift on tones across the board as last year’s ashy tones have left everyone feeling dull and lack of lustre. From catwalk to high street, we’re seeing a surge in a warmer pallet, bringing back healthier shiny hair, think of ambers, soft golds, and beautiful coppers and even pinks, but still with a soft dusty pearl undertone.






Colouring hair in shades of pink? Are you a fan of such trend and does it suit any woman?


I actually do think there is a shade of pink for almost everybody, it’s just some need a soft dusty shade while others need to go for a warmer base. I’m a huge fan of introducing a muted version with balayage to get ready for the festival season.




So lovely to be involved with the DYREKT collection from #Hesdmasters this time this one was styled by me after the team worked there magic on the colour and cut #Repost @shivvvey ・・・ Look number 2 from our @headmastetsuk collection DYREKT With This look we aimed at creating the Future contour !combining it with colour layering and metallic like finishes . One of my personal faces Hair @gazzylondon @shivvvey @jonnyloveshair @hairbynicoleiroh @alfiehair #hairbyshivvvey @christophersouthernldn #hairbyheadmasters MUA @rebeccabmakeup SHOT by @richmilesphoto On the lovely @laurenrosemcgee . . . . . . #pastelhair #hairbyheadmasters #contouring #colourcontouring #pinkhair #purplehair #lavenderhair #longhairstyles #longhair #colourist #londoncolourist #blondehair #balayage #pastelage #balayageombre #editorial #photography#hair#love

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