Ideas On Creative Outfits, With Milana Chigridow

We all love well-put, colorful Instagram feeds, but also the ability to be ourselves - eat whatever makes us happy and enjoy life even when no one is watching! That’s why KIKOINNE decided to talk with Milana Chigridow, an influencer behind the extremely positive and eye-pleasing Instagram account.


What are your tips for a perfect Instagram picture?


In general, I like Instagram pictures that have many dimensions or layers, as I like to call it. There's something in the foreground (like the motive or a person), there's something in the background (like a monument, trees, cool building, etc.) and also something in the middle (people passing by, cafe chairs, a lamppost). Plain and simplistic pictures taken in front of a wall are not for me.




What would be your tips for Instagram - friendly outfits?


My best tip to get the best Instagram outfit photos is to concentrate on one item in your outfit that you want to highlight in your Instagram post. That way, it’s easier to compose your whole outfit if you have one main thing to start from on, at least for me. If I need to promote a pair of shoes, I begin to pick out pants that'll fit the shoes, then a top that'll fit the shoes + the pants, and so on.




this counts as being dressed out for Halloween, right? 🐆 🐆 🐆

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When it comes to your wardrobe basics, what are those essential things?


I use silk scarves all year around so that's a staple in my wardrobe, you can wear them on your neck, hair, bag, they're very versatile.




Paris 8.34 // let’s fall in love with this place

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What would be your tips to add some chic to a casual style?


Again, scarves make any outfit Parisian chic in a second. My best tip, though, is to use hair accessories, headbands, ribbons, hair clips, just put something in your hair - it will make your outfit more interesting instantly.





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