Adding Chic To Your Style, With Fredrika Persson

We welcome spring with the new blog post series where we cover best style hacks, whilst taking inspiration from the most influential fashion industry profiles, be it fashion influencers, designers or stylists.


This time we will tackle the universal style problem: how to add some chic to your everyday style? You’ll probably agree that plain wardrobe staples (see our guide for the wardrobe staples here) themselves won’t do all the work. This time we sit down with Fredrika Persson, a Swedish influencer and PR Manager of Busnel, a slow fashion brand. Spotting latest Fredrika’s looks on Instagram, we are convinced that she’s the right one to tell us how to master an everyday style that it’s not only practical but chic as well!


Your sense of style is very unique. Have you always been into fashion?

Thank you so much! Yes, I've always been interested in clothes and fashion, since I was very little. Everything started with me taking clothes of my two older sisters, even if they were way too big for me. I dreamt that I could finally wear "grown-up" clothes and I was overjoyed when that day came.



Weekend uniform 🕊 #Busnel #whowhatwear

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When it comes to your wardrobe basics, what are those essential things?


A must-have in the closet, I think, is a pair of skinny pants, a white shirt, and a long coat. You can do so much with these three items because they can be easily combined with all you have in your closet. It is important to start with a good base and afterwards, you can add more colors and more interesting silhouettes.



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What would be your tips to add some chic to a casual style?


Choose accessories, shoes, and bags in better quality. They will elevate your entire look and this way you can, for example, add some color, which otherwise you may not feel comfortable wearing. With the right accessories, a simple outfit can look much more fun.



Ready for a sparkling 2019! ✨

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Spring is definitely for shopping. What’s on your wishlist?


At the top of my wishlist right now is a vintage Louis Vuitton Monogram Trouville…



Sundays 💭

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So, why not taking some time to make your chic - list of things that would make your everyday outfits more elegant, colorful and perhaps bolder?


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