Creating Iconic Looks, With Liv Harrould

We are excited to start a new week with a refreshing and insightful interview we did with Liv Harrould. 🀟 Liv is an ultra stylish blogger living in London and the owner of Insta-fabulous account @livharrould. Seeing her inspiring outfits, spiced up with boho-chic vibes and effortlessly iconic looks all over Instagram, KIKOINNE looked no further for inspiration. That’s why we sat down with Liv to talk about all things Instagram, how to create Instagram-friendly outfits or which wardrobe basics she can’t live without…!





What are your tips for a perfect Instagram picture?


I don't think there’s such thing as a perfect Instagram picture, but in terms of the content I find most visually engaging & compelling, it always comes down to a strong use of natural lighting and a strong background. If you're working against daylight, you may find that you feel flat against the background and details, such as your clothing get lost as a result.




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What would be your tips on creating Instagram - friendly outfits?


Experiment with basics.. don't over complicate outfits! There are jazzier backgrounds than there are clothing choices to help spice things up on your feed. I find that playing with a basic selection of clothing is harder than it looks, but it’s a great necessity that everyone can benefit from.





When it comes to your wardrobe basics, what are those essential things?


A good pair of heeled boots, straight leg cropped ankle jeans, a trench coat & an oversized jumper.





What would be your tips to adding some chic to a casual style?


Accessorize. It's something that I’m still mastering! If you feel your outfit is looking a little dull, add a chunky earring, necklace or clutch bag... It dresses any look up and always looks chic and contemporary.






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