3 Ways To Suit It Up

It may seem that wearing a suit is appropriate mostly when it comes to job interviews, formal meetings or special occasions, but our stylists will prove you that… it’s a perfect choice for any office day, relaxed weekend outfit or indeed a special dinner… Here’s some inspiration for you on how a suit can be worn in different settings… ✍️


#1 Semi-Formal Outfit For Work


Dressing up for work has to be somewhat formal, but on some days you can definitely go for the more laid-back versions. That’s why we opted for a double-breasted slim blazer paired with grey suit trousers to create a matching suit combination. As you can see, we also went for the long sleeve shirt with a little logo detail on it, paired with monk shoes. Do you agree that it’s such a cool outfit that it’s almost too good to be true? 🤤




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#2 Your Perfect Weekend Look


Sometimes you need to dress to impress and that’s where a suit-like outfit comes in. For a relaxed weekend look, we decided to go for a skinny blazer in blue check alongside with black super skinny trousers. A merino wool roll neck jumper will add that needed twist for your outfit. Ready to roll? 😎



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#3 An Unforgettable Outfit For An Unforgettable Occasion


When it’s time to really suit it up, look no further than a timeless suit jacket with a shawl lapel. Make sure it’s single breasted and has a perfect fit. Another important thing is to go for sharp fit trousers that come together with a jacket or match its color and texture ideally. Team it all up with a dinner shirt with small black buttons and classic black leather brogue shoes. For a more formal look, accessorize this outfit with a traditional bow tie and add cufflinks for a complete classic style.



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We hope that by now you’ll feel more comfortable with the idea of wearing a suit. Really, it’s so versatile and you can always spice it up!


With Love,



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