Valentine’s Day: Give The Gift Of Style

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, there’s probably no need to remind you that yes, it’s about getting that romantic look right. We think that it’s not about your status (whether you’re counting years of happy marriage, met your love of life literally yesterday or enjoying your girl boss status), it’s the right time to look your best. 💃 While the Internet is going crazy about sexy bodycon dresses and all things red, our stylists at KIKOINNE are excited to provide you with more down to earth looks. Why? Just as you already may know, we are all about smart wardrobe with no place for dresses to be worn only once ❤️


Go For The Multi Red Details


Isn’t it cool to go for something else than the classic red? We absolutely adore this high-waist skirt in multi red! It’s indeed a playful option to spice up your Valentine’s outfit! 🔥




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Choose subtle and elegant accessories


Forget all the ultra flashy and sparkly accessories that would make you look as if you were screaming “look at me everyone, please”. 🙈 We recommend going for something as subtle as this boxy handle mini bag…

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Wardrobe Staples Can Help You Put Together Any Outfit


As much as you can, please try go for the classy wardrobe staples, which you can then incorporate in any of your outfits… These classic black court shoes with block heel are your best bet! 💣




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Belt It Up!


Just like we said earlier - Valentine’s day isn’t just all about show-stopping looks, it’s also about showing your personality and being your most authentic self! That’s why we say ‘yes’ to this Western style belt with crocodile motives.




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Don’t Forget The Sweater Weather!


While you may have chills & fevers while deeply falling in love with someone, the truth is that it’s still really cold outside! Therefore, brick toned knitted jumper is something you’ll thank us for 💌



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With Love,



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