How To Dress Well Without Breaking The Bank?

Here at KIKOINNE, we are firm believers that personal style creation shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Remember those times when Kate Middleton wore a £40 dress from Topshop and looked absolutely stunning amongst royals wearing expensive haute couture gowns? This is just one of the examples, proving that style is about choices. Choices that complement and enhance the best of you. Our personal stylists once again took the challenge to prove you that you can create a stylish outfit in less than £50. And, yes, the outfit we have put together is ultra trendy and there’s surely no breaking the bank involved…


Get Your Hands On Beige Ballet Flats


Dressing like a Parisian is the ultimate dream, right? If so, a pair of ballet flats can help you complement easy and stylish outfits. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well ballet flats get along.


Price: £ 12


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Don’t Resist This Cute-Out Dress


We are absolutely in love with this printed design dress, which is a wardrobe staple with a trendy cut in the front that gives some freshness & uniqueness to this look. Why not reinvent yourself a little, right?


Price: £ 22



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Make A Bolder Statement With Neon Orange Bag


Transform your look with the coolest cross body bag in neon orange to tell the world that you how to pull together trendy outfits. 🍊


Price: £ 12.99



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Get Your Matching Statement Earrings In Orange



Complete this ultra trendy, but very versatile outfit with statement earrings. We made sure that your neon orange bag matches the earrings and that.. you step out in an affordable & unique outfit that makes heads turn…


Price: £ 10


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