How To Style 12 Different Outfits Only From 6 Items?

We know that if you’re here, you’ve probably heard words ‘capsule wardrobe’, ‘sustainable fashion’, ‘smart shopping’ quite a few times. But what do all these buzzwords really mean? How is it that you can really forget your morning ‘I have nothing to wear’ panic attacks?


Our personal stylists at KIKOINNE have compiled you a short guide to prove that it’s all about selecting items wisely. See it for yourself that with as few as 6 items, you can make 12 perfectly pulled-together outfits! Therefore, make sure you read till the end to find out what’s the magic formula behind smart wardrobe, where things finally make sense.




Choose your wardrobe staples


We generally advise our clients to go for the wardrobe staples to build a ‘capsule wardrobe’ (it means that you have a collection of a few essentials you can easily match with seasonal items), and this time it’s no exception.


6 totally must-have pieces we picked are: a pair of light blue wash jeans, black T-shirt, leather mini skirt, silk blouse, pullover with print and a jacket. All of these items can be easily paired with any simple heels you have. Or if it gets more cold, a pair of boots with a heel would also perfectly make sense.


Mixing these wardrobe staples, we managed to put together 12 distinctive outfits:



Outfits 1 and 2


Whether it’s a casual outfit or a party look: we have it sorted. ✔️


If you’re looking for a simple and comfortable weekend outfit, opt in for a red jacket and blue jeans combination. A silk blouse with a print will ensure that the outfit is quite chic, too.


Our second look is a classy ‘killing the party’ outfit: a black T-shirt with a statement logo or a slogan, when matched with a leather skirt? (Make sure you include heels, too.)




Outfits 3 and 4


The next two outfits put together by KIKOINNE’s personal stylists will definitely add some ‘rock’n’roll’ vibes to your wardrobe. See how easily you can swap one item in an outfit to achieve a completely different look.




Outfits 5 and 6


This time we’re adding a white pullover into our outfits to achieve a completely different mood. These two outfits have a trendy, street-style feel.



Outfits 7 and 8


It’s easy to play with staple items when you have some great color combinations in mind. Classic black T-Shirt looks impressive when paired with light blue jeans. Or black on the red combination that makes your outfit truly spicy. 🔥



Outfits 9 and 10


Feeling inspired by the high-end designers, such as Balenciaga or Isabel Marant? 6 thoughtfully picked items can also create you looks no less trendy than on the catwalks of fashion weeks.



Outfits 11 and 12


Even if these outfits look similar to the ones before, take a closer look. For a minimal look, we’re going for a white pullover and a pair of jeans. Yes, our heels aren’t going anywhere. Last but not least, the final look features both red jacket and skirt paired with white pullover underneath.



It was quite a challenge, right? We hope that we have proved that smart wardrobe isn’t necessarily about owning many items. It’s about knowing where and how to match things.


Did you know that we only wear 30% of our wardrobe? Yes, that’s true unless you head to and get your outfits picked with our experienced team of personal stylists.


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