Black Tie Dress Code: Mystery Uncovered

There’s probably no debate that dress codes can totally confuse you when you’re picking your outfit for a special occasion, job interview or something else where your outfit has to speak for itself! With a variety of dress codes, we don’t blame you for overdoing your looks or sometimes even dressing down. Today, KIKOINNE’s personal stylists are uncovering all the mysteries behind business casual, cocktail and black tie dress codes in the next blog posts. Stay tuned to be informed on what to wear for each of the dress codes in order to really never go wrong again…


Black Tie Dress Code In Short:


The name of the ‘black tie’ dress code itself is probably very familiar to you. It most probably creates a picture of the Hollywood glamour in your head and even makes you dizzy when it comes to finding such pieces in your closet. Even though the black-tie dress code is very formal, for women it’s a lot easier to pull off impressive outfits. We suggest going for a floor-length dress to make the most of the event. Also, it’s important to note that the black-tie dress code differs from the white tie dress code that it lets you choose the color of your dress. Hence, we advise going for some bold colors that are trendy this season.




Elegant and long Alberta Ferretti dress in a Tuscan sun color can truly make a subtle, yet unforgettable statement. Remember that you can go for a gown literally in any color, therefore, pick something perhaps more exciting than black…!



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It’s always important to have a jacket or a coat over your dress so that you can gracefully walk into or out of the venue. Our stylists recommend going for a petite faux fur coat.



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Going for classy court shoes will not only work for the black-tie event, but will also be your wear-forever item in the wardrobe.



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When it comes to accessorizing your black tie party outfit, we advise you to keep a minimalistic approach. An embellished clutch bag is a perfect way to add that additional sparkle to your outfit.



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