Our Favourite Instagram Accounts: That Will Give You

FYI: Bloggers aren’t going anywhere.

Believe it or not, bloggers will still be around and we only have to admit that our selection of whom to follow is much more complicated. With a significant number of fashion – obsessed people owning Instagram accounts and fashion blogs, it’s hard to pick the ones who would inspire, advice and sometimes even dictate our fashion choices. Kikoinne has compiled you a list of 10 fashion instagrammers who are truly capable of giving you top notch styling tips. And everytime time you think you’ve seen this or that before, they will be those fashionistas who turn to you and say, “Try this in a way you could never thought of!”

  1. @erika_boldrin

With her 383K followers, Erika shares styling tips & tricks, captured in natural, cozy environments. Her streetstyle is retro-handbags, boyfriend sweaters and long Parissiene coats. She is the one to teach you layering and how to make a wardrobe refresh by mixing a few basic items. Erika’s love for leather skirts and pants will make you reconsider ditching all leather items. Plus, this Instagram – fashionista is a great inspiration for those of you who are not only into trying out new trends, but looking for something authentic.


It's all about natural colors. @aignermunich #AIGNER #AIGNERLOVE #advertisment

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  1. @michellesalasb

Half a million Michelle’s followers cherish her Hollywood glamour and ultra-feminine looks. She is the one to be stalked when in need for inspiration for the prettiest party outfits and when considering of flying away to one of those instagrammable beaches to sip your piña colada. With new year just around the corner, keep scrolling this fashionista’s account for learning how to get out those strappy sandals that you were so dying to wear. And, yes, we forgive you for party ideas stolen from this gorgeous instagrammer!


  1. @luisalion

If you are a believer that everything happens for a reason (including your style and fashion choices), click the follow button on Luisa’s instagram account. She will be your guide to going completely casual and being sure that it’s completely acceptable. Your next takeaway will be that pyjamas are no longer restricted to the bedroom or pehaps that going denim is still cool. This fashionista from Germany will constantly suggest simple and quick wardrobe updates you should definitely make next year.


Stripes are back, I heard ❤️#nyfw

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  1. @mvb

This true fashionista shares inspiring model-off-duty posts: she challenges her classic Chanel with boyfriend sweaters and loves minimalistic approach when it comes to her daily outfit picks. A bit of rock’n’roll and a bit of playfullness make her style unforgettable. Marie is heavy on prints and polka dots, hence Kikoinne knows that you’ll get easily inspired by her when in need of ‘that sparkle’ in your eyes.



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