To us, there’s no much doubt that the way you feel is influenced by the way you look. Hence, the exciting opportunity of getting styled and finding your own identity shouldn’t be accessible to only a few of us. We created this online styling platform for those who want to dress for success: whether it’s a special occasion or a general wardrobe update. We also gathered professional and experienced stylists who are ready to give you 3 personalized outfit suggestions after careful consideration of your style, budget and sizing preferences. We are also proud of a large number of brands we brought to KIKOINNÉ and our knowledge of best fashion bargains, enabling us to craft looks that are shoppable without stepping out of the house. We welcome you to experience the comfort of personal styling online.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to make personal styling instant, affordable and accessible in just a few clicks. We believe in the power of personal image and the fact that personal styling should be sustainable. Less clothing, but more choice is what we aim to achieve through our smart styling.

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