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Instant. Affordable. Accessible.

Discover your style, get personalized outfits and boost your fashion game

Personal styling for £9.99 in less than 24 hours…

How does Kikoinne work?

Register on our platform and get to know your stylist
Express your fashion preferences by answering our style questionnaire
Pay a styling fee of £9.99 and get styled for your preferred occasion
Get 3 personalized outfits handpicked by style experts
View suggested outfits online and shop them directly from the retailers

Kikoinne Stylists

Become a part of our passionate styling team. Style Kikoinne clients quickly, efficiently and profitably.

Style thousands of people with your expertise & our fashion partners

Play with fashion and make it your paycheck

Grow your fashion network and visibility

Why should you use Kikoinne?

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Instant Style Boost

Our online stylists will update your wardrobes and pick outfits for special occasions in less than 24 hours to upgrade your style.

Your needs & preferences assessed

No more 'what to wear’ thoughts, lengthy visits to designer stores: complete our short & crisp style questionnaire and get styled.

Personal Styling Now Affordable

The luxury of having personal stylist becomes accessible online: three handpicked outfits, which you can shop without leaving the house is now available with a price tag of £9.99.

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